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Clothes for the Super Tall & Skinny

Best perk about modeling is having someone else pick out clothes for me. As a skinny woman over 6 feet tall, with a 36-inch inseam, shopping is not among my favorite things to do. 

I can't walk into H&M and leave with a new fall or spring wardrobe. The go-to for online shopping, Amazon, doesn't work for me either. Most of the size charts are wrong, the clothes don't sit right (my waist does not end above my navel), or it's way too baggy (thanks XL mens just to get 34-inch pant lengths). 

The obvious alternative is to Google it... 

Glad to know I'm not the only one having trouble finding clothes that fit right, but these search results assume that all tall women are built the same - which the tall population knows is a horrible myth.

Some are skinny tall, some big and tall, some have lengthy torsos while others are all legs. Let's see what else is on here...

Nope, nope, and definitely not. For those who buy regular "long" pants in order to have capris -- maxi dresses hit at that odd spot between knee and capri length. Not flattering at all. High-waisted pants make long legs look even longer so I can kinda see why caution is needed, but high-waisted shorts are a much better alternative than booty shorts (it looks like you're not wearing anything from afar). And jumpsuits? Ahaha hahaha every tall person knows that's just a massive wedgie or camel toe waiting to happen. 

Skinny jeans are good for helping to point out your leg proportions rather than looking like flat stilts, but finding thigh-high boots when your height is all in your legs? Aim for something more feasible like knee-high boots. (Thigh-high anything - socks, tights, boots - doesn't exist when your inseam is considered SUPER long rather than just long.)

When in doubt, put on anything oversized or loose-fiitting. That's essentially the same as saying, "Sorry, we can't find anything in your size. But you can wear this bag." 

So what are some styles that work the great for tall women? 

  • Trenchcoats & Blazers

  • Long cardigans

  • V-neck shirts

  • Off-shoulder fashion

  • Skinny jeans mid or low rise

  • High-waisted shorts, skirts or capris

  • Knee high boots (combo with shorter skirts/dresses to balance lengths)

  • Midi dresses

  • Pencil skirts

  • A-line anything

Not sure how to pair the items above, or how to "blend" and "balance" lengths? When in doubt - Karli Kloss it out. She's a BOSS at finding styles that work well for her long legs and skinny proportions. Well, at least her stylists are, so take a cue from them when figuring out styles that work well for the SUPER tall yet skinny woman.

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